Who doesn’t like new stuff?  Especially stuff to build other stuff!!  Well, I received two packages from Isham and started to get the excitement that this is really the beginning. I came home from work and saw what was probably the first of several hundred boxes to be dropped off by FedEx/UPS/USPS…  I have to say I was a little giddy. The first was the DRDT2. This is a well crafted and heavy machine that is designed to dimple the aluminum in preparation for riveting. It requires minimal assembly. Plans are included to build a small table to allow bigger pieces of aluminum to be more manageable. I am intending to mount it between two of my workbenches.

A few days later I received the email notification that the remaining box of tools had arrived. Wow!  When I got home I was wondering where the rest was. It was such a small box. “How could all these tools fit in there?”  I spent this much money and that is it?  Well, what a packing job. Everything was neatly placed in the box. Spread out I was much happier

Now…when will these tools start building something?