Time worked 2.5h

I raced home today from the office as the freight delivery driver called an hour before delivery.  It was a rainy day here in Houston, buy my spirits and excitement was all sunshine!!  I called my wife and she was a few minutes out from the house, so she would be here to see the delivery.  The truck pulled and up and my excitement quickly turned to concern as a huge gash was noticed on the side of the crate.  Upon inspection, while still on the truck, there appeared to be no damage.  Thank God for the amazing packing VAN’s does on these kits

It’s amazing how strong you can be when the excitement of opening a huge crate that contains an AIRPLANE.  The driver and I carried the empanage kit into my garage so my wife and I could begin the inventory.

Once inside the garage we carefully unpacked and inspected each piece.  EVERYTHING was accounted for on the inventory sheets and nothing was damaged.  I tucked the skins into my guest bedroom and neatly organized the several bags of hardware into my wall of drawers.  My wife and I made short order of the inventory banging it out in a mere 2.5 hours.  Thanks babe!!  Now onto the instructions/plans with anticipation of actually constructing something this coming weekend.


Now I just have to figure where to put all the pieces so I can have room to work