Total time 4hr 31min

So I got off to a great start today. After having read the instructions countless number of times, followed multiple other build threads and have watched several build videos online it felt like an easy start to my vertical stabilizer.
I got through page 6–2 and completed all the steps including cutting the rear spar caps, clamping them in place, match drilling them to the rear spar, deburring, mounting the hinge brackets, and rear spar doubler.

Doing the machine counter sink on the rear spar Doppler was a tedious process but I started extremely shallow and continue to increase the depth of the counter sink until it perfectly matched an AN4264.  I still have to go back and smooth the edges of the rear spar doubler 

I was able to Cleco the vertical stabilizer skeleton including the nose ribs into place.  What a way to end the evening looking at a structure that looks like a vertical stabilizer.