Time worked 4.5 hr

Now I know what deburring is.  For those of you who don’t know it’s a process where any edge, hole or cut within the aluminum has to be smoothed out to prevent future cracks from developing. Every single hole that is drilled must be cleaned of the edges by using a small deburring tool.  This is not a very glamorous part of the build but it is probably one of the most essential steps to ensure a long life and safe aircraft.

I did get the vertical stabilizer skin attached to the substructure with the amazing help of my wife.  The countless number of silver porcupine needles are Cleco’s which hold the structure together while drilling each hole. Once everything was drilled we had to take it all apart and debur everything.  Sue did an amazing job match drilling the skin. We both were a little nervous as this was the first time drilling into the skin of the aircraft.

One thing to note was; I spent a significant amount of time shaping the nose ribs to prevent the development of dimples on the leading edge where the skin wrapped around the leading edge of the vertical stabilizer. After multiple trials I was very happy with the results.