Time worked- 0.75h

So I decided to begin work on the rudder.  My reason is to have as many pieces to prime at once. I am priming the inside parts to prevent against corrosion with Azko Nobel 463.  It’s a 2 part epoxy primer that is highly recommended and proven within the aerospace industry. Good enough for me. Since there is a little work with paint booth setup, mixing, painting and clean up, I wanted to have as few priming sessions as possible. That being said I began the rudder today. Section 7-1 involved marking the various aluminum parts to be separated.  I took my time carefully marking all the pieces that will make up the “ribs” of the rudder. 

 Tomorrow I’ll cut them apart on the band saw and begin assembly with clecos.  If all things go as planned and the weather holds I hope to prime the vertical stabilizer and rudder parts this coming weekend.