Time worked 3.25h

Tonight was a good evening of work, a solid three hours turned the several pieces I had previously marked and cut into the substructure of the rudder.  

I begin by deburring all the pieces I had previously cut the final piece was to clean the edges of the router horn which attaches to the front bar and lower rib. You have to clamp the writer Horn in place with 2 C-clamps while match drilling the six holes that attach it to the bottom rib. It came out perfect.

Each rib was constructed from the three individual pieces, the front flange, and the two sides. These were then secured to the front spar and match drilled with a #30 drill.

Once completed the first skin was secured with clecos. I am getting ready to attach the trailing edge and the other skin. The biggest issue with building the router is ensuring a razor straight trailing edge this is accomplished by multiple techniques which I will discuss in the next post. Stay tuned!