Time worked 3hr

Last night was a culmination of deburring and scotch bright. I had final drilled all the rudder skins which led to the seemingly endless process of deburring. It’s went quickly and I am extremely happy with the results. I used both a speed deburring tool and a #30 drill bit which a spun in my fingers for the smaller holes. Following this I knew I was going to prime in the AM so I spent the rest of the evening yesterday scuffing all the parts with a scotch brite pad followed by a through cleaning with Acetone. This ensures adhesion of the primer.

I got up this morning to beautiful skies, temps and low humidity. All things needed for spraying within the guidelines of the primer.  Because it’s a 2 part epoxy primer there is a process to prepare it. I mixed the base with a drill powered paint spinner. It took a solid 10 minuets to get an even consistency. Then it’s mixed 50/50 with the catalyst.  30 minutes are required for induction. This allows the two parts to chemically react in prep for spraying. 

While I waited I set up my paint booth. It’s a 10×10 easy up with a vinyl floor and a bilge pump to evacuate the fumes from the paint, which are quite toxic. I wore a full respirator that worked great. 

I laid out all the parts to both the vertical stab and the rudder.  I used saw horses and closet shelving. The primer dries to touch in 5 min which allows you to flip over the parts and paint the other side. 

I used a cheapo Harbor Freight spray gun with an air regulator.  I also used the 3M PPS which made painting at various angles and clean up a breeze.  Once I got the air, paint amount and fan size all dialed in it was a piece of cake priming. I was actually pretty anxious thinking about this process, but the Azko primer makes anyone look like a professional painter. No runs, even coat and smooth!  I am elated with the results and nowhere I can begins riveting.