Time Worked 2 hr

After priming everything I dimpled the skins, spars and ribs. The Azko primer is wicked strong.  Not a single scratch and the DRDT-2 dimpler made short work of all pieces. Perfect dimples everytime




So the first rivets went in yesterday and today. Sue and I got home early from the office and we headed out to the garage. The first rivet was in the upper hinge braket attaching the rudder stops. Once the proper shims were in the pneumatic squeezer it was a piece of cake. I did the first followed by Sue. We took the ceremonial picture and put our initials and date on the undersurface. From there it was using the squeezer to assemble the rear spar,spar doubler and angle doublers. We took our time and made sure each rivet was properly squeezed, we used a gauge that measures this for you. Not a single mistake.  The entire substructure is complete and the plan is to rivet the skin on tomorrow and that should wrap up the vertical stabilizer.