Time worked: 3h

Contuining on the rudder with one of those steps that has been on my mind. The trailing edge must be razor straight. In order to do it, I made a jig to be able to countersink the rudder spacer with the micro stop perfectly perpendicular to the surface. This worked perfect from the piece I previously cut

Once this was ready it was time to join the two halves. The right skin is laid flat on the table. I used a piece of angle aluminum that I match drilled to the trailing edge. This would be used to hold the trailing edge straight.  

I decided to use Aeropoxy ES2668 instead of the proseal as recommended. A friend had used it and remarked the edge was stiffer. I applied it with a paint edger brush. Put a perfect even coat. No mess. This turned out to be a really straightforward process, maybe because I planned so much for it

I made a little pulley system to help hold the right  rudder skin as I laid it in place riveting and cleocoing as I went

Once this was done I put some weights on it and will come back in a few days to rivet. I am really happy how this  came out