Time worked: 2.5hr

While j am waiting for the rudder trailing edge I figured I should continue working…so…I started the horizontal stabilizer.  First thing you realize is how big of a piece this is.  It is the whole length of my workbench.

Assembly begins with attaching the hinge brackets to the rear spar in the same fashion as the vertical stab. Match drill, debur and set aside. The rear spar doubler was next. I thick piece of aluminum that strengthens the central portion of the spar. It requires multiple match drilling.

After the rear spar is complete it is set aside. Now a real fabrication process.  You have to make two attachment brackets from a single piece of aluminum angle. The precision in measurements is crucial. I mean these prices only hold the freaking stabilizer in place. If they are cut or drilled wrong the alignment of the stab would be off in multiple ways. Talk about a little bit of pressure to make things accurate. 

I spent almost an hour just measuring and making sure they were perfect. One instrument that really helped was a digital caliper. I got it from Home Depot and it rocks. It make the process so precise and reproducible.  To the band saw to cut them out.

They are PERFECT!  A precise mirror image of each other. Now all I had to do was drill them

Once they were completed spar caps were made and match drilled to the flange and web of the front spar. A lot of holes!!  The attachment brackets were then clamped to an aluminum angle to make sure they were straight and then drilled to the front spar.

Everything is going smooth so far. More to come