Total time – 4hrs

So life has been pretty hectic the last week. My house was hit by lightening and I spent the majority of my free time replacing and reprogramming my entire electronic home. So the RV10 took a little back seat. But alas, I got back at it

I riveted the front spar and I board ribs together with the web plate. Kinda difficult to get due to the tight spaces, but I was real happy afterward. It is crucial when building, disassembly and priming that one label the parts. Otherwise when riveting thing might not line up.

The front nose ribs were then riveted into the skins. I have to say this was a real pain. I had to drill out several rivers as I was not happy, especially with the front ones of the leading edge. Persistence won and I got them all in. Secured the front spar with the nose ribs with the pop rivets and AN470’s as called out in the plans. Added the outboard ribs and clecoed the front rib flange in preparation for riveting. 

One other task I completed was hanging the completed vertical stab and rudder out of the way. I had them in my guest bedroom and just knew at some point they would get damaged.  Very nerve racking tying those knots. I’m a surgeon so I am pretty confident in them