Time worked:8hrs

The final assembly of the horizontal stabilizer required an extensive amount of riveting. I started on the bottom of the horizontal stab to get used to using the rivet gun once again. It was difficult at times to both hold the bucking bar as well as drive the rivet.  Overall I’m extremely happy with how it came out. The stringers on the top and bottom are probably the most difficult to rivet as the fucking bar was completely blind to the rivet and it was all done by feel. I did make a mistake in the fact I secured the rear spar with the LP 3–4 pop rivets as well as the AN470 4–4 rivets on the and ribs when I noticed I was missing a rivet on the rear spar doubler.  I decided to drill out all the rivets, remove the spar and install the single missing rivet and reinstall the rear spar. Thank God I didn’t do all the AN 426 skin to rear or spar flange rivets.  

I had a little help from my father-in-law which made the riveting go much quicker. The biggest piece I’ve built so far is complete. Onto the elevators.