Time worked 10.5

It’s been a little hard finding time with the holiday’s, a busy office and family, but I managed to get started on the elevators

The biggest thing for me was making sure not to confuse the right and left elevators as they are built simultaneously.  I arranged my workbench and put a piece of tape in the middle as a reminder

It was then a matter of repeating a lot of the steps that the rudder uses in construction. Separating the pieces that form the ribs, clecoing, drilling, labeling and deburing.  

The tips of the elevators were then constructed with two ribs and the sheet metal skin. It was a little bit of work to get everything lined up. This was the first time I used the fluting pliers to straighten the aluminum. Worked perfectly

It was was followed by assembling the ribs, spars and skins. Prior to putting it all together the tabs that form the inside pocket for the trim tab has to be bent. No going back after you bend the skin. Came out very nice

Once it was all clecoed together a massive match drilling was undertaken. I started from the center of the spars and worked out to the tips marking each hole as I went. 

The trim cable access panel and stiffener were fitted and the cover was drilled for the attachment ring

On to the primer!