Definitely the most complex part built to date but I certainly enjoyed the meticulous construction of the elevators. As I have progressed building them I have develop some skills to help with theprecise  construction process.  For instance when drilling the countersink holes of the rear spars I noticed in order to have the adequate depth to except the dimple  from the skin the counter sink had to go slightly past the depth of the spar thickness, as a result, my initial attempts  resulted in wallowed out holes. Unhappy an order was placed to Van’s for a new rear spar.

I made a match drilled template to keep the countersink aligned and prevent the wallowing I previously delays with

Messed up spar on left, redone spar in the middle, wood template on the right

I had read on Vansairforce about the difficulty with the trim tab cover plates and the welded guides. I decided to order the CNC iflyrv10 guides that can be bolted in place. Very happy with them. Hopefully fully primed and ready for riveting this weekend.