Time worked 3.75

It has taken nearly 35 hours of work to get ready to actually begin assembly. The first 75% of the work is all related to assembly, match drilling, deburring, priming and dimpleing. So now onto the fun stuff. Riveting!!!  I decided to build the right and left ones simultaneously.

I began with the elevator tips. The two halves get riveted together and then the skin gets attached. I am so happy with how smooth this went together

As simple as these 3 rivets look they actually took a lot of time to plan on how I would get them together. I used a no hole yolk for the squeezer. They came out great. After this the rear spar doublets and nut plates for the hinges were installed. Finally the elevator horns went on. All in all very smooth and easy so far

Onto the back riveting of the skins