Ever since buying the empanage kit I have had a slight anxiety about the next few steps. Reading multiple build treads and forum posts I knew that bending the edges of the trim tab was always a tricky task. So much so, some people have cut them off, fabricated tips and riveted them in. I was determined to do it per the instructions and do it right…once!  

To begin I had to cut some blocks of wood that had measurements called out in the plans

Once completed these were used to make sure the skins of the trim tab were final bent into a uniform angle. I made a bending brake from 2 pieces of hardwood and a long piano hinge. 

Now the end tabs had to be bent. Using the wedges cut from the wood blocks, clamps and some double stick tape the skin was securely clamped into position.  A wood block and some elbow grease followed by the rivet gun set on very low finessed the edges into position. The hardest part was getting the internal wedge to not move. The first two tips I got lucky.  Those were the ones at the end that are 90 degrees Thanks the leading and trailing edge

The inboard bends were angled to the leading edge making clamping a little more difficult.  I ended up clamping a wooden yardstick as a back brace. It worked out perfectly! 

 I finished up the work on the trim tabs and now they are ready for priming.