I continued working on the trim tabs attaching the front spar, match drilling priming and having the foam ribs cut ready for installation.  I also got the elevator ones ready as well

Attaching the front spar was a little difficult there were a few rivets that required some creativity to squeeze. Most notably the most inboard rivet of this bar as it was extremely close to the control horn. I completed this by securing a small piece of aluminum over the rivet head and then squeezing it as one unit. It worked really well.

I decided to get everything ready to pro seal all at once so I attached the rib counterbalance tips to the elevators.  There have been some posts in the forums regarding the squareness of the tips to the front spar.  So during the riveting process I made sure that the tip was always perfectly square to the spar.

Once this was done I was able to “glue” the ribs into the elevators and trim tabs. It’s done using a sealant called Pro-seal.  What a smelly substance that is the consistency of goop.  It was evenly applied to the trailing edge and foam ribs and then everything was secured in the position especially the trailing edge of the elevators with a piece of angle aluminum this ensures a perfectly straight trailing edge.  It takes about a week for it to harden

Once they are dry onto finishing up the trailing edge like I did with the rudder.