Time worked: 79.70h total for the elevators

It was quite a bit of work to finish the elevators since the last post. After giving them a solid week to cure the trim tabs were removed from the clamps and the trailing edges cleaned and riveted. I was super happy with how these came out. Amazingly straight and doing the back riveting just like the rudder was a lot less stressful after having done it already.

There were a few rivets at the verytrailing edge tip that requires making a special bucking bar. 45min to grind down one end just so I could set 4 rivets.

Onto rolling the leading edges. This was accomplished with a 1 1/4″ OD PVC pipe that was match drilled and duct taped. I muscled it around and got perfect bends. The edges came together with no tension. 


The counter weights that get attached to the tip ribs were a pain to shape according to the plans. But persistence prevailed. Got the right and left sides exactly the same weight

The final step was riveting the trim tab hinge. I read a lot of posts on vansairforce about the pitfalls of riveting a hinge. The biggest piece of advise was to keep the matching hinge in place and rivet with it held 90 degrees to prevent bending or binding. It worked!

One they were final riveted the hinge pin was attached and bent to fit.  I decided to remove a portion of the hinge eyelet to allow the pin to be hidden. It took a little bit of work, but in the end I was very happy

Now, like all the other tail pieces, they take a nights rest in the guest bedroom prior to being hung out of the way of cleaning ladies and interest kids.

On to the tailcone!!!