Time worked: 10.5 hr

I think this is the point when most builders of the RV10 get really excited.  Beginning the tailcone!  For the first time you are assembling something that is big, people can recognize that it might be a plane and…it’s big!

You start off tapping a piece of aluminum for the tail tie down. I used silicone wd40 to keep the bit smooth. Worked perfectly. This gets attached to the rear most bulkhead and care must be taken to measure for the drilled holes. 

One thing I did differently was to debur each piece as it was fabricated. I think this will make the build a little less painful. 

Following this several parts are measured and fabricated. The elevator stop, the rudder cable bracket and the bulkhead stiffener.  All pretty easy but this is a lesson in measure 2x, 3x and cut once. I was really happy with the precision of the pieces

Then all the stringers are cut from J channel. These will be incorporated into the bulkheads and skins to provide rigidity. Helps to have assistance in removing the protective blue

This was a time consuming step to cut each one to length, 45 the ends, debur and then Mark the rivet lines. All in all that took about 2-3 hours. 

After making the j channel stiffeners the upper Longerons had to be bent and notched. What a pain bending a piece of angle aluminum to exactly 2 degrees. Well about 45 min later and success!

Then came the exciting step. Assembly!  The lower skin is laid across two horses (make sure they are 38″) then the bulkheads are clecoed in place. The bottom stiffness were placed and aligned. The previous line I drew was then aligned with the holes so it could be matched drilled. The same process was then done on the left side skin. One thing I noticed was the size of the tabs at the radius and the possibility of denting the skin similar to the situation of the very stabilizer and horizontal stabilizer. I therefore, rounded the tabs to allow a smoother fit of the skin. After a little muscle the skin was fit into position.  Now onto all the drilling of the stiffeners.