So after what seemed liked endless hours of debating on reading opinions on the matter I decided to use the Azko 2 part epoxy primer.  I could not be happier.  This primer although pretty toxic (you need to wear a respirator when spraying it) is very easy to apply.  Once I got the cheap-o harbor freight air gun set properly a nice light even coat goes on.  I used a pop-up tent for the spray booth and ventilated it with a bilge pump.

In preparation for priming I do NOT dimple the parts.  I make sure they are deburred, scotch-brite scuffed and cleaned with acetone.  Once I begin the process I never touch them with bare hands, always with latex or nitrile gloves.  Not having all the dimples in makes prepping the pieces easier and makes for an even primer coat.  I do make sure if a hole requires a machine counter sink it is completed.

I spray the parts with them lying flat, allow them to dry for 15 minutes, flip them over and then hit the other side.  A perfect primer job every time.  I wait about 224-48 hours before dimpling and I have never had the primer come off the metal around the dimple.  Now I know the metal and primer is maximally adherent.