The standard exit for the rudder cables is to just allow them to pass through the opening in the tailcone. There is an aftermarket faring that is available from aircraft Spruce that many other builders have installed for a more finished look.  The majority of builders either pro seal or rivet them to the outside skin. I wanted a more finished look. Therefore, I utilized two fairings both mounted on the inside maintaining a smooth exterior.  It took a little work to get them lined up and enlarged the original skin hole maiming the proper alignment and orientation 

I then laid out the rivet pattern and center punched them. Drilled with a 3/32″ and then match drilled them to the skin with a #40.

I’ll finish them off with some epoxy and micro mix for a smooth rudder fairing cable exit. It’s amazing how much work it takes to make a simple modification. 

I hope to finish what seems to be like endless deburing and cleaning of the edges in preparation for priming. It helps when you have a little helper