Time worked:12 hours 

What a marathon of deburing and priming.  I have an awesome family (hot wife) who spent their Saturday prepping all the pieces for primer. Friday night I finished all the edge deburing of the skins and formers. Saturday was gorgeous weather so we worked to get all the parts prepped and primed. 

It’s amazing how two steps in the instructions can take so long

Step #4

Step #3

I masked off areas on the outside of the skins where there was overlap. I wanted to make sure that any time two pieces of aluminum were mated together they were primed. This required masking the following:

  1. Edges of the bottom skin
  2. The edges of the rear tail piece
  3. The top edges of the side skins
  4. The forward edge of the rear skin

    The paint booth worked perfect as usual. All together it was 12 hours of work over the two days for every piece for primed.

    On to dimpling and assembly. I plan to order the fuse and wings this week

    I used exactly 1 gallon of the Azko primer for the empanage. I did light coats on the skins with higher build at the interface of two pieces.