Time worked 1.5 hr

Slightly famous…

Every night before going to sleep I read my favorite website. Vansairforce.net.  It was such a surprise to see my blog on the front page following a comment I made about my journey getting into aviation.  Thanks VAF!!

On to the build 

Finally after what seemed like an endless process of dimpling I started riveting. A quick point. The curved portions of the skins take a little thought to dimple. I used the narrow female dimple die and placed the male die in the bottom portion of the DRDT2.  This allowed a smaller footprint for the dimple on the curve. 

I began riveting the pieces together that eventually form the bulkheads and formers of the tailcone

I started with the bellcrank assembly. Prior to disassembly and priming, I marked the bearing and made sure the same holes lined up

The rear most former was river with the various flush rivets called out

Fiannly, I attached the horizontal attachment bars. I feel very confident that the horizontal stab will be very firmly attached with this many rivets. The pneumatic squeezer and the longeron yoke make this such an enjoyable process