The biggest part of the build up to now is completed!  The final rivets were bucked into place with the help of my father-in-law.  He climbed into the tailcone to hold the bucking bar.  I guess that makes him the first “unofficial” passanger!  Everything turned out great.  Over the entire riveting of the tailcone I had to drill out 10-15 rivets that I was not happy with.

The aft deck was riveted, drilled and secured with nuts and bolts. It was fun to use a different fastener.  The horizontal supports were drilled with the right angle drill to ensure straight holes.  Each nut was torqued to the appropriate lb’s and marked with a sealer.

The top and final skin went in place easily.


I am receiving the fuselage 1 week from today and the QB wings in about 3-4 months.  I am so excited to move to the next kit

After completing the tailcone and being space limited at this time I had to find a place to store it until I was ready for it.  In my bigger garage, I built a shelf that holds it in safe out of the way.

The fuselage is in transit and will be here next week!