On to the next stage of building this aircraft.  The fuselage. This comprises the pilot and passenger cabin. It’s an exciting build which is why I decided to do the entire build instead of buying the quick build (which I did for the wings)

The fuse arrived in a huge crate!  I had to build a special dolly to move it. Unpacking the parts was tedious. I have to say that the packing was amazing. Pieces were nestled into other pieces optimizing the space. I would never want to compete with these guys in a game of Tetris!

Inventory took about 5 hours. There are a lot of parts. Some big ones like the canopy top and some small ones like the thousands of rivets

Once completed it was on to build the mid fuse bulkheads.  These were formed utilizing the center section pieces that generally come in the wing kit. These are some heavy duty pieces of aluminum that ultimately will hold the wing in place. One thing to note with the fuse, is that the aluminum is much thicker compared to the tailcone.

To begin the seat rail supports are match drilled and clecoed into place. Then the landing gear mounts. What a pain in the ass. These are match drilled with a #30 drill and a bushing to protect the aluminum center section. They are then removed and final drilled to a #12. 

I had a little difficulty getting the bolts through. But a call to Van’s and some assistance from vansairforce.net got everything together. The key was to make a drift pin out of an AN3 bolt to help align the holes. This got everything to be a nice tight fit and allows passage of all the bolts

I’m basically building all the midfuse bulkheads. Once done they will be primed and riveted. Should go a lot faster with extra help