Time worked: 20

It has been a while since I last posted.  I have put in a ton of hours and basically finished the first section of the build…to assemble and rivet together the midfuse bulkheads. These structures provide the strength to the fuselage and provide the mounting points for the wing and landing gear. Kinda important so perfection was the goal

Once all the initial assembly was complete, match drilled and deburred, I primed them and began riveting. 

All the parts went together without difficulty. First riveted were the front seat rear supports. They are very sturdy and went together easily with the pneumatic squeezer

Following the side channels had to be riveted in place. I got real proficient with AN470 style rivets and the gun.

Each bulkhead was then completed per the instructions. Care was taken to ensure flush rivets on the nut plates as the floor panels will be laying on top of them

Completed bulkheads