Wants the wingtips were drilled I remove them and clamped a hinge in place. I used a 1 1/2″ wide hinge (MS20257P4). This allowed the hinge to be completely hidden with in the wing tip and the gap between the fairing and wings skin would only show the aluminum of the hinges underneath.

Are use a rivet Vin to add additional holes as the spacing of the original holes are intended for screws.

I then match drilled the other half of the hinge.

It’s important to mark the orientation of the hinge tabs because once the hinge is match drilled the wingtip side was clecoed to the inside of the wingtip and the corresponding half was drilled into the wing tip

The flange was then trimmed back to the joggle. The inside of the wingtip was then send it flush with the outer fiberglass this required a spacer to be made between the hinge and the undersurface skin of the wing so that the edge of the fiberglass would be in line with the wings skin due to the thickness disparity between the wing skin and fiberglass. I basically cut half inch strips of .032 aluminum and match drilled them to the hinge

The spacer and hinge were then counter sunk in the wings skin dimpled it was easily riveted using the pneumatic squeezer

I decided to install a Bob archer VOR antenna in the right wing tip. The instructions require the antenna to Le as flat as possible and to be in communication with the wing skin. I lined up the hing and match drilled it to the hinge

It was clecoed into position. Prior to riveting I removed the anodized finish of the hinge as well as the primer that had been applied to the wing skins to make sure the antenna had good conductivity.

With everything riveted in the into place I slid the hinge pin into position and the wingtip fit perfectly in there certainly is no need for screws along the leading edge the holes that are on able to be used for the hinge will be filled with rivets

This is a slightly time-consuming but well worth modification. The wingtips can be removed in less than a minute and the smooth the appearance is really sexy looking. Eventually the rivets on the wingtip will be covered with a thin fiberglass tape and microballoons. On to the finishing kit!!!