Changes to orders

Fuselage kit


Rudder pedal changes-Will replace with Control Approach

  • 1 WD-1006-L-PC Rudder pedal
  • 1 WD-1006-R-PC Rudder pedal
  • 2 F-1052 Rudder pedal set
  • 2 F-1052C Brake pedal doubler plate
  • 1 F-1052B Bundle 4 per brake side plate

Heater box-Will replace with Aircraftspruce Stainless heaterbox

  • 1 Vent TG-1010 L&R RV-10 Heat boxes (2)

Fuel Valve-Will replace with Andair Fuel Valve

  • Bag 487-1 Fuel Valve

Windows-Will replace with Cee Bailey

  • 1 C-1004 L Rear Window
  • 1 C-1004 R Rear window
  • 1 C-1005 Windshield

Wing Kit (Quickbuild)


Wing tips-Will be replaced with Aero Engineering ZIP TIPS

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