Who am I 

A husband, a dad, a son, a doctor, an aviator, a builder and a little OCD.  I just realized I have many titles. Each one makes me better at the other. I grew up in the south suburbs of Chicago. There with my dad we built a Christen Eagle. I developed a passion for aviation at a very young age. I knew one day I too wanted to build a plane with my family

So many years passed, school, life, work and family became priorities. Once things settled down I got back into flying. Currently flying the Christen Eagle my dad and I built!  But now I need a family plane. After years of searching and researching my wife and I decided the RV10 will be the perfect fit for our family. Follow along on this journey as we go from an empty workshop to a flying airplane

My current beautiful baby

My little guy.  Dominick.  My dad and I built a plane. You and I will do the same and have hours of stories, memories and adventures 

My little girl. Gianna.  You will always be my little girl. You are so smart and creative. I am sure your ideas will make this plane fly.  Oh…and “no” we can’t paint the plane pink

My beautiful wife. Sue.  Thanks for coming along on this journey.  We have traveled the world together and will soon do it in the plane we built.  You might need to get advice from my mom on how to cope with her husband building a plane. And “yes” I will not put the wings in the dinning room like my dad did.

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