100th POST.  I have been working on the plane for over 2 years and have just made the 100th blog post. I have enjoyed keeping track of my progress and seeing the pictures from the past.  Its amazing how many visitors have come to the site.  I hope I have provided some insight on how to tackle this project.

I have also decided to no longer keep track of my time.  It will get done when it gets done.

I decided to install the Aveo ZipTips Premiere which have these gorgeous LED landing, nav, postition, strobe and rear identification lights all installed in the tips.  This luxury comes at a small price increase compared to the stock tips, but hey…who’s counting at this rate?  

I first installed the lower access panels by marking out for the placement of the attachment screws.  They were all drilled

I installed nutplates for a #6 screw.  The corner plates were single lug installed later due to the angle.

The cover was countersunk for tinnerman washers and the number 6 screws.  Success!!!

Marking out the cut lines took a little time as I didn’t want to screw this up.  Following the instructions I marked out where the aileron attachment hinge and gap size was supposed to be.  I am planning a slightly different attachment of the tips to the wing.  Instead of 40+ screws, I have decided to use a method written up in several blogs (Justin Twillbecks, Mouser) using a hinge.  It makes for a really clean install.

You know you have been doing a lot of cutting when you burn out your Dremel.

Clecoed into position.  I duct taped it first then drilled the mouting holes. I startd in the front and alternated back and forth to make sure I didn’t induce any changes in the alignment of the tip.